Friday, November 25, 2011

A day well spent

Here’s hoping you and yours had a grand Thanksgiving giving thanks!!
Mine, although low-key, was quite pleasant. Meaning I got to eat green olives & cranberries & turkey until I was fit to burst and my chair squeaked in protest. Then, while my parental figures and guests talked and reminisced about cattle drives and brandings, or, on the ladies side, music and art, I got to read and sip tea on the sofa until it was time to feed the horses. All in all, a day well spent, I think.

Now I am again waiting to feed the animals and sipping tea, although this time it’s black Charleston brew instead of cinnamon. I was planning to ride today, since the weather was unusually warm but Louisa called me away to an impromptu music practice, and now that I’m back it’s spitting rain. sigh.

Anyhow, now that Thanksgiving is past, I am quite ready for Christmas. I’m actually excited for it like I haven’t been for the last two years or so. The music and the baking especially. Although... my last baking endeavor turned into a bit of a fiasco... Little Brother and I were making Pumpkin Spice bread and well, Mum and Da were gone and... Well, we ended up having a flour fight.
 Hehe. We were quite a sight. As was the kitchen.
Flour has a very satisfying poof! noise :)

Ah! It’s time to go out now.
Till next time....


  1. what a lovely post! i love your writing 'accent.' have a great day ;)

  2. A flour fight! Oh, how funny!

    My thanksgiving was rather low key as well, but, very unique, as the power went out less then halfway through! A Candle lit thanksgiving was such a unique, and special thing!

  3. That flour fight sounds like tons of fun! :D I can't wait for Christmas, too! Oh, and I really like the two pictures. :)