Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Second snow

... of this season is happening on the other side of these glass windows.
 It's both saddening and funny to read other blogs where they write that "autumn is finely here!" when winter is just beginning on my golden prairie. Disbelief is mixed in there too, now that all the beautiful leaves have been blown away. Part of me balks like a mule at thought of winter, yet there's always that eternal optimism that fills me at the start of each season, that this time will be different. This time it will be great! We have had a long autumn considering last year when we had about one week before the snow hit, and I'm thankful for the last few days that have been filled with absolutely lovely weather.
 The flakes that fall now are ragged and skinny; the first of the Valkyrie, so to speak. {Okay, perhaps that's not the best definition, but I love that legend and that name!} Pitiful to compare with the one- to two inch fluffs that will drift haughtily from the sky like ermine clad lords later this year. They can't even survive long enough to dust the ground.
 In other words, nothing worth photographing.

My Grandpa and Double Stuff are both doing much better, and I must thank you all for the kind words and prayers. Dudders seems to have made a full recovery though he coliced for another day after I posted last.
 My aunt flew up a few days ago and has been staying with us to be near Grandpa. My other aunt and cousin will be coming to see him this weekend as well. And I think that is what is making him stronger.
 They say laughter is the best medicine but I think it's family.

My music concerts were accomplished, more I can't say - I can remember! It all went by in such a blur.
 My NaNoing is very slow, I'm trying to write at every possible opportunity but I can't promise I'll hit the 50k by the end of this month. I've also been away from the interwebs quite a bit so I haven't updated anything or commented anywhere. I guess it's an unconscious decision to read more books{Allison Croggen's The Naming for the third time. Oh I love her writing!}  and less blogs - no offense or anything :)

But now dear peeps, I must go to the dentist to get my teeth drilled on :(


  1. Gwyn, I also love love Celtic things. So I have a question. I love to play the violin, and I was wondering if you know places where I can get Celtic music for the violin.

    Also, how are you learning Gaelic, that's something else I've been wanting to learn, and have just never had the time to sit down and figure out how to get started.

    ~In Christ, Lady Amy~

  2. Hullo Amy!
    For celtic music the best source I've found is Bonny Rideout's collection - she's got at least five books of Scottish Celtic for violin. I warn you though, most of it is fairly challenging{ about level 4 in Susuki} but her book Celtic Circles has some easier ones :)

    As for learning Gaelic, I'm not learning it formally yet. Just a few sentences when ever I can. But if I get the money I'll go more formal.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ick Dentist. Shudder.

    I'm glad your horse is fully recovered and that your grandpa is feeling stronger. I agree family is the best medicine. :)

    Good luck on NaNo! Don't worry if you don't make it. Sometimes life is just too busy. :)

  4. I don't think I ever told you but I LOVE your new design! :) What does the quote at the bottom of your header mean?

  5. Gwyn, thanks!
    That actually sounds perfect, I've been looking for something that's easier than where I'm at so I can learn it on my own, but all the stuff I've come across until now, is closer to Suzuki book 1 or two. :-)