Thursday, May 28, 2009


This blog is to let people know what I'm writing and to get my behind into gear writing it! So basically it's to make sure I finish and for you to critique in order for me to learn to write a better story. I will eventually post some chapters of  The Legend of Skyrian to let you know what my medieval world is like, but for now I'll have give you a summary of what I've written:

In the land of Ithreal there are many legends: wondrous tales of dragons, brave knights, terrible monsters and common folk lore, all have played a large part of Gwyniver's life as a traveling minstrel; a group of actors, singers, dancers, musicians and other artful people who live to relive the days of old and keep its stories and songs from being forgotten. None of the fantastic tales captured Gwyn's heart, though, like the legend of Skyrian. A magnificent black stallion. Wild as the Cold Sea in a gale, as swift as the West wind, utterly and completely free.
As a child, Gwyn dreamed of riding the creature, but as time past she learned legends are just legends and the things in them seldom happend the way it was, if it were even true to begin with.
Now fourteen her life is about to change forever.

 Well, I hope your at least mildly interested.:) 
Until I have something else to post---farewell!

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